{meatfree monday} cornmeal crusted tempeh by the conscious cook

February 4, 2013
the conscious cook

now this meal is a bit over the top there are five different components to this dish. yes 5. it did take a while to make BUT it was so good. so delicious. so fancy. so ahhhhh enjoyable. if you are looking for a recipe to fancy up your tempeh this is it! i planned on making […]

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{meatfree monday} tempeh wontons

January 28, 2013

i’ve been enjoying trying out new recipes using tempeh. so here is another new interesting recipe that i found….tempeh wontons. we like wontons so why not try with tempeh. hubby rated these less than a 7 but he said for the healthy side he would eat again. i did like these. i didn’t love them…but […]

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Meatless Monday – Sweet and Sour Tempeh with Spicy Peanut Sauce

September 17, 2012

Ok has ANYONE tried Tempeh yet???? I’ve talked about here and here and now again today. Well let me sell you on this dish. And funny story so I will try to make it quick. 1. Hubby was not really craving another tempeh dish…but again I have a ton of packages …ok not really a […]

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Meatless Monday: Tempeh Sandwiches

August 20, 2012

I’ve mentioned previously I ordered a case of this tempeh. I have 3 packs left. So yesterday began my search for a new recipe. Wanted to try something new and different to do with it…I had an orange tomato from farmer’s market I had to use up so this recipe was perfect!!!! And I love […]

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Meatless Monday – Oriental “Chicken” Salad

July 17, 2012

I wanted to make this dish last week but the week got away from me – which has worked out great since this was the perfect refreshing dinner after porking out all weekend – I mean that literally…my post from yesterday the perfect pulled pork we were still eating with beans and the homemade mac n cheese – […]

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