queso blanco dip

January 30, 2013

alert: another superbowl party recipe….YEAH for appetizers seriously who doesn’t like queso dip…aka cheese dip…melted cheese on a chip. um yeah. you could dip some carrots or apples in there if you wanna make it a bit healthier but really why bother just go in there with the perfect tortilla chip….speaking of the perfect tortilla […]

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ham & cheese sliders

January 29, 2013

alert: superbowl party recipe i have been waiting so very patiently to share this recipe with you guys! this is going to make your superbowl¬†party oh so deliciousOOOOOO. as simple and basic these sound…which they are…BUT they are beyond good. the funny story i have to share about these is my hubby was away for […]

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