{meatfree monday} thai quinoa bowl

April 15, 2013
thai quinoa

so with my love of thai flavors…and a few bags of frozen edamame in my freezer i came across this recipe. i switched it to be meatfree by leaving the chicken out…but if you want to add meat – chicken and even shrimp i am sure would be delicious… however it is delicious without. the crunch […]

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{meatfree monday} quinoa cakes

February 25, 2013
quinoa cakes

hey you meatfree monday’ers (ok not a word but i like it) looking for something different? something good? then you are going to love these. Quinoa Cakes. This photo is from Marin Mama Cooks The photo i took was with my phone that i shared on instagram and when i uploaded here to the blog it was so ugly. […]

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Chicken, Quinoa, and Summer Squash Casserole

August 19, 2012

I bought a very large summer squash from the farmers market on Saturday. I wanted chicken. So began my search for a recipe involving both chicken and summer squash. I came across this recipe with quinoa. Thinking hmmmm….Friday we went out for fish and I had the deep-fried cod – yum. Saturday I ate off […]

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