ground turkey

ground turkey & bean burritos

May 22, 2013

this has become a crazy staple in our house. and that is crazy in a good way. bonus…you can freeze these bad boys and have a homemade burrito for lunch, snack, quick dinner in no time. my mom first made this recipe and lucky me she shared. i ate it right up. and made my […]

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turkey mozzarella meatballs

October 24, 2012

I could not wait to share this recipe! I have to note – even for your men that may frown at turkey my hubby really enjoyed. Like REALLY! This makes a lot of meatballs- I think it was about 3 dozen – that is 36 meatballs. So I I froze half. We haven’t ate the […]

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Greek Tacos

September 27, 2012

This recipe was shared at my sister’s wedding shower…like five years ago and I finally made the first time this past year! Boy were we missing out…but then I just started cooking a couple of years ago so the reality is we were missing out on a lot This is such a good good¬†meal. Hubby […]

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