apple crisp muffins

November 25, 2013

goodness i love me some muffins…here  here  and now these. what i really should be saying is my boys love muffins. i had a ton of apples to use up and began searching for a muffin recipe to use fresh apples. many muffin recipes out there call for just applesauce but i wanted a recipe […]

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baked apple cider donuts

November 18, 2013

so i finally…finally…used my donut pan. finally. and friends these did not disappoint. hubby ate two of these in one swoop.  then came back for a third. yeah they were that good. hubby food rating 8.2 the glaze don’t miss that step. don’t try to eat these plain. the glaze is a must you can […]

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mini pumpkin muffins with chocolate chips

November 16, 2013

i can not believe how long i’ve been slacking on sharing this recipe with you. goodness….sorry. cause these muffins you are going to want to make right away…yep…get out your mixing bowl and begin. i’ve made these so many times now i’ve lost count. my Sunday school kiddos keep asking for these over and over. […]

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mini chocolate chip banana bread muffins

September 9, 2013
mini banana bread muffins

banana bread. in my opinion one can never have too many banana bread recipes. there are so many wonderful versions out there. with this one i was searching specifically for a mini muffin recipe. i wanted to make these to take to my son’s school for their morning snack. some banana breads can get so […]

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glazed lemon pound cake

May 30, 2013
glazed lemon pound cake

oh that glaze. that lemony glaze. ahhhh. lemon pound cake. i’d say this is one of my favorite breads. like when i goto starbucks this is my choice. however i could do a post next week and say banana bread is. haha decision decisons. but right now lemon is in first place for me. PLUS lemon […]

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browned butter buttermilk banana bread

February 20, 2013
browned butter buttermilk banana bread

can you say that 5x fast?? browned butter buttermilk banana bread browned butter buttermilk banana bread browned butter buttermilk banana bread browned butter buttermilk banana bread browned butter buttermilk banana bread haha wasn’t that fun… banana bread is one of my favorite things to make…meaning i make it often. we eat it often. we eat […]

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banana bread waffles with cinnamon brown sugar syrup

February 7, 2013

Here it is! I talked about this on facebook. see the butter melting and oozing into all the cracks. the boys each ate 2 of these. TWO….and I think they would have eaten more had not mommy & daddy finished off the rest of them. You can find the recipe at  A Kitchen Addiction I […]

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eggnog chocolate chip bread

December 19, 2012

2 posts in one day…I just can’t help it…there is so much stuff I want to share before Christmas…Ahhhh…. and I just HAD to get in an eggnog recipe…stat. My hubby loves eggnog…me not so much…but when I started seeing all these fun recipes to use eggnog now you are talking…and this one in bread […]

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carrot cake muffin

November 20, 2012

so I made these…we ate these…fast…my story…no picture…part of my reason for blogging…to share recipes my family has enjoyed… so even though I forget pictures I am not going to forget sharing this recipe with you! I thought these were so good. I didn’t even frost them….the original recipe calls them a cupcake but since […]

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downeast maine pumpkin bread

November 15, 2012

  I couldn’t wait to share this recipe – it will be so perfect for Thanksgiving…well along with the butterfinger cookies lol I was doing searches for the best pumpkin bread – and I really wanted the best. I found this recipe on it has over 5000 reviews and 5 stars – I knew […]

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