stitch fix #6

January 6, 2015

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i just realized my last stitch fix post #5 was Nov. 22, 2013. My goodness over a year ago…then I remembered oh that is right I was pregnant!

so I had postponed my stitch fix’s…until recently. I am now on my third box post baby…I just was not organized enough to photograph the prior boxes. Nor really that excited about clothing. Post baby body and nursing aren’t the best combinations to go “shopping”.

I hesitantly share these photos.  I cut off my face since it was Saturday and having a lazy not doing my hair kind of day… I hope some of these pics give you a few laughs….a few of the tops were awful.

Ok these jeggings I loved. They had an elastic waistband. Hello. What is there not to love about that?! But they were too big. Which is a good thing…but the bummer was I couldn’t keep the comfy jeggings.


ok…here is a laugh. I liked how this sweater looked when I held it up out of the box…and the relationship ended there. It is suppose to be angled on the bottom but as you can see it loses all sense of style on my body. ugh.

IMG_20150104_105359267   IMG_20150104_105354248

ok this top was one of the contenders I was thinking of keeping.  but I opted to send it back as me & rayon just don’t work well together right now. I am not dressing up that much and with nursing. just not a good combination.

IMG_20150104_105508358_HDR   IMG_20150104_105452365

ok…hold on. ha ha ha ha.

this one is so bad.

a cropped sweater.

on me.

never again.


and here was the winner. a black comfy cardigan. I really liked this one as it has 2 different fabric and textures on it.

also perfect for layering this Wisconsin winter…and it fit.

IMG_20150104_105655254   IMG_20150104_104933435

now if you have some extra Christmas cash that is burning a whole in your pocket check out stitch fix. It really is a fun way to shop…and what I have always loved about it is it gets me trying on clothes I normally may not pick out for myself. From stitch fix I have my 2 favorite pairs of skinny jeans and black leggings. love them. Also 2 tops that I just love love.

check out my prior posts if you wanna see what I received.

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note: if you do sign up through the affiliated stitch fix links I receive $25 in stitch fix credit. woot woot! and thank you!



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