Happy New Year 2016!

January 2, 2016

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So it has practically been a year since my last post! AHHHH. Dang girl I am a slacker. I have thought about my blog almost daily since then. Wanting to get back into it but just not organized enough, or enough energy to actually do it.

Becoming a mom to 3, no longer working a corporate job and trying to adjust to being a stay at home mommy. It literally has taken me this long to adjust (baby is almost 18 months…I know I know!)  and I still feel like things are chaotic…and have I mentioned how forgetful I am. I’ve lost my brain. Even if it is written down there is no guarantee I’ll remember.

And then there is the “my pictures are still awful” “I forgot to write down the recipe” “the adjustments I made to said recipe” “then forget to take photos of meals” “I don’t write well, what am I going to say” All these nagging thoughts hindering me from starting up again.

Anyhow I am hoping (and it is already feeling like) riding a bike. I am just hopping on and prayers this blogging thing all comes back to me. And trying not to be too hard on myself.

So basically not much has changed from my last kind of posts. No fancy picture taking abilities, no fancy food photos, or cooking in action. Most likely it may be worse….just cell phone pictures with really bad lighting. lol

My beautiful crazy life…looking so calm and put together in this photo. hahaha

Family Photo Fall 2015

So I welcome myself back.

Welcome back Angela to your blog :-)

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