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crispy baked asparagus fries

June 12, 2013

here is another honest post…like yesterday when I spoke about the hollandaise sauce. i was honest. i gotta be honest yet again…it was SO hard for me to drench my beautiful green farmers market fresh asparagus in bread crumbs. it was hard i tell you. however with 4 pounds of asparagus in my fridge i […]

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refried beans without the refry

May 21, 2013

oh my gosh. i wish i had some super duper great reason why i’ve been away…but i just have lots of excuses. a wedding in Mexico. restructuring in my “real” job. i wanted to post this for meatfree monday however the weekend got away from me with family photos, grad party, my mom’s birthday, baptism and my […]

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{perfect} baked brown rice

April 3, 2013
baked brown rice

i know i know you maybe thinking does rice really require 1. a recipe and 2. its own post? yes my friends now it does.IT DOES. some of my favorite recipes come from Alton Brown to me he tweeks a meal just enough to take it from ho-hum to amazingly good. and that is how i feel […]

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cheesy carrot casserole

February 12, 2013

Yeah…cheesy i have you there…now I don’t want to lose you at carrot. hang with me people…cheesy casserole. I served this when we had friends over for dinner…along with meatloaf. it was a huge hit…there is really not much NOT to like about this…cheese butter heavy cream. I will admit the only bummer is making my farm […]

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saffron risotto with butternut squash

December 13, 2012

Risotto – I love risotto. I love watching chefs make it on Top Chef. I can not say how grown up I felt after making and accomplishing risotto…felt like such a big girl chef. yes with this dish I am chef angela; chef mommy. I am in love with this dish. and how easy it […]

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{meatfree monday} kale chips

December 10, 2012

I have to say I have struggled with making the perfect kale chip..and by struggle I mean this is the 3x I’ve made these…and guess what 3rd time is the charm…at last I can share… so this sounds silly totally have not reinvented the wheel on this one…I’ve made the same recipe 3x…same one you can […]

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maple balsamic brussels sprouts

December 6, 2012

I am GOING to get you to love Brussels Sprouts whether you like it or not. haha so this is how good these brussels sprouts were – of the whole dinner I made they were the BEST part! and the rest of dinner was good too so per my hubby these Brussels Sprouts had some […]

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brussels sprouts

November 8, 2012

so I totally needed a fresh healthy recipe from the post yesterday – lol – velveeta. So what is not healthier than brussels sprouts?!? they scream healthy. and we love brussels sprouts in our family. and so sad for this wonderful vegetable…they totally have such a bad rap. I highly recommend buying from your local farmers market. the […]

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Miso Green Beans

September 18, 2012

 I am so excited to post this recipe. I can not tell you how good these green beans were. I served them with dinner last night and only 4 beans were left from the 1 whole pound I made. My lil’ boys chewed ’em right down I am also super excited to share this since our […]

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Vegetarian Baked Beans

July 18, 2012
Rowan3rdBirthday (152)

This recipe is also from my son’s birthday party – I think I ended up going the southern cooking route with pulled pork, baked beans, mac n cheese, coleslaw….gotta love me some southern cooking – shout out to my sista’s Emily & Tara in MS. These beans were a hit but warning they take a long time […]

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