pulled pork tacos with sweet chili slaw

October 22, 2013
Pulled Pork Tacos with Sweet Chili Slaw I

i have a thing for sweet chili sauce. it is just so good…and that sweet spice i can handle. not too much heat. what I don’t have a thing for yet is taking good photos. i took numerous photos of this dish and well…frankly…they were unappetizing. i hope that is a word. so i am […]

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pad thai shrimp burgers

June 18, 2013
Pad Thai Shrimp Burgers

continuing with my love of cooking and of course eating thai flavored meals I came across this shrimp burger. i thought lets give it a go…i was loving the ingredient list. now to give you a heads up. these did not stay in perfect burger patty form for me. maybe if you add some bread […]

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thai chicken enchiladas

May 2, 2013
Thai Chicken Enchiladas

so i have an obsession with enchiladas. i love eating all things enchiladas. we have the red chili sauce     honey lime     creamy green chili     shrimp enchiladas and then i have my new obsession with Thai food lets reminisce Thai quinoa bowl      asian baked chicken     Thai chicken pizza with sweet chili sauce      firecracker chicken SO when […]

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{meatless monday} stir fried noodles

April 29, 2013
indian style stir fried noodles

i really don’t know what to call this dish. the recipe is adapted from us masala and she calls them indian style stir fried noodles. however i was missing some ingredients…did a couple substitutions so mine were not full of indian flavor. good flavor yes….just didn’t scream out indian flavors. i personally just don’t think you […]

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{meatfree monday} thai quinoa bowl

April 15, 2013
thai quinoa

so with my love of thai flavors…and a few bags of frozen edamame in my freezer i came across this recipe. i switched it to be meatfree by leaving the chicken out…but if you want to add meat – chicken and even shrimp i am sure would be delicious… however it is delicious without. the crunch […]

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asian baked chicken

April 2, 2013
asian baked chicken

i love a baked chicken. and i’ve been loving asian flavors lately…like a lot. here, here and here this recipe came from my search – my mission – to use up food – to use up the cut up chicken i had in my freezer.  i served the chicken with brown rice…which i will be […]

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asian-spiced meatballs with vermicelli noodles

March 7, 2013
asian spiced meatballs with vermicelli noodles

i’ve been really enjoying trying out asian flavor recipes. and uh so has my hubby. he looooves these type of flavors. thankfully the boys have too…even though a few times it has ended up pretty spicy. this was not one of those times. the flavor in these meatballs was so unique – which i attribute […]

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thai chicken pizza with sweet chili sauce

February 26, 2013
thai chicken pizza with sweet chili sauce

this is the kind of pizza i could eat every week. seriously i could. the flavors. the texture. ahhh…i just love. i first had chicken thai pizza at a fund-raising event my sister had organized. a local pizzeria provided the food and this was one of the pizzas. it looked good. sounded interesting so i tried […]

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firecracker chicken

January 22, 2013

so i talked about making this dish on one of my weekly menus and three weeks later i’ve now made it. lol that is just how some of my weeks go. this firecracker chicken was really easy to make &  really good. i love the asian flare taste. plus i love rice. i can not ever ever get enough rice. […]

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asian cabbage rolls with spicy ground pork

January 16, 2013

i was searched the wonderful web on meals with cabbage. i had 4 heads of cabbage to use up..still from my storage share! isn’t that awesome how long they keep. love that. so i was looking for something different to make with cabbage, not the typical coleslawy type recipe hence i bring you asian cabbage rolls with spicy […]

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