harvest cobb salad

October 13, 2014
Harvest Cobb Salad

I love a good cobb salad… and anything with fall I pretty much want to try. the combination of apples & pears…bacon & eggs..leggings & brown boots…me & this salad… I saw the recipe at Damn Delicious … check out her beautiful photos of this salad. YUM. I loved how she layered the salad toppings […]

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{meatfree monday} chickpea cakes with cucumber-yogurt sauce

October 7, 2013
chickpea cakes with cucumber-yogurt sauce

ha funny story goes along with this meal…. hubby calls me when he is heading home from work….we talk then he asks what’s for dinner…i don’t want to tell him. he doesn’t like chickpeas. and i know him. he would stop somewhere and get something else to eat if he heard i was making chickpea […]

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I’m still here…

July 25, 2013

my goodness where have I been? oh just at home. doing the same old. work. family. summer. life. outside. running. enjoying long nights. up north. cabin. lake. swimming. fishing. family. friends. and to admit trying to avoid my computer. as when i am home with the boys i want to spend the day with them. […]

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asparagus lemon pasta

June 3, 2013
asparagus lemon pasta

{meatless monday} yes!!!! asparagus is in season. i love asparagus. like little trees that just taste so good. have you made your way down to your local farmers market? well if not you need to. you can get a bounty of local asparagus. i just picked up 4 pounds. come wednesday….asparagus will be filling my […]

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{perfect} baked brown rice

April 3, 2013
baked brown rice

i know i know you maybe thinking does rice really require 1. a recipe and 2. its own post? yes my friends now it does.IT DOES. some of my favorite recipes come from Alton Brown to me he tweeks a meal just enough to take it from ho-hum to amazingly good. and that is how i feel […]

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{meatfree monday} winter salad with clementine dressing and vanilla bean candied walnuts

March 18, 2013
Winter Salad with Clementine Dressing and Vanilla Bean Candied Walnuts

yeah i know that is quite the title huh….but it says it all. and i really think my photo shows it all. the freshness of this salad is so good… the clementine’s…and then the crunch of the walnuts…then the chewy craisins. i personally could not get enough of this salad. the dressing was delicious…i wanted […]

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{meatfree monday} quinoa cakes

February 25, 2013
quinoa cakes

hey you meatfree monday’ers (ok not a word but i like it) looking for something different? something good? then you are going to love these. Quinoa Cakes. This photo is from Marin Mama Cooks The photo i took was with my phone that i shared on instagram and when i uploaded here to the blog it was so ugly. […]

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{meatfree monday} kale chips

December 10, 2012

I have to say I have struggled with making the perfect kale chip..and by struggle I mean this is the 3x I’ve made these…and guess what 3rd time is the charm…at last I can share… so this sounds silly totally have not reinvented the wheel on this one…I’ve made the same recipe 3x…same one you can […]

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{meatfree monday} butternut squash quinoa stew

November 26, 2012

this stew is so good. like really good. so many fresh ingredients. i ate it for lunch 3 days in a row. even hubby had it as leftovers! the only hard part making this is cutting up that butternut squash. so make sure you have a nice sharp knife, flat surface and fingers out-of-the-way. when […]

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