Hi! My name is Angela…and I love cooking for my family. I hope you enjoy the recipes I share as much as we have enjoyed eating them :-)

I’ve been married to my wonderful food rater hubby Will for 15 years. During our first few years of marriage we started this idea to rate our meals. I’d have Will rate the meal on a scale from 1-10. If the meal rated over a 7 then it was on the list to make again. I told him he had to wait till after we ate to rate the meal since I was so sensitive I couldn’t take it if it was an awful meal – which in the beginning there were a lot of them!

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Since having kids I’ve wanted to be the mom that my boys only wanted Mom’s Cooking – couldn’t wait to come home from college and eat home cooked meals…mind you my boys are still little yet but I am already thinking ahead to when they are 18 years old. Ha Ha  But my husband loves its since it has gotten me in the kitchen cooking – non stop. Now I wonder what did we eat before? How did we survive?? Now when I don’t cook a meal I feel lost and HuNGrY.


Why the name Another Bite Please???  Well I kept trying to think of some names for a food blog that were “me” that fit what I was trying to do and share. So when I thought of Another Bite Please – I was thinking of me trying to get my boys to have another bite Pleeeeeeease! Then I also thought of how cute they are when they say can I have Another Bite Please mommy. I just love that. Then I thought how when I love certain foods and I’ve ate all mine I ask my hubby if I can have another bite of his please….and also how I may share some bites that may not be recipes but how I’d want another of whatever it may be that I share with you.

What else…I am from Wisconsin born & raised and always lived here…Go Badgers. My hubby is from Illinois so we root for the Chicago Bears. I love reading, running, volunteering at my boys school and spending time with family & friends.

I also want to note I am not a chef. I search the blog and find recipes that sound good, look good and think my family will enjoy – so I share recipes of others….I am not that creative! I will say though the longer I’ve been cooking the more confident I feel making changes to recipes. At first I would not change a thing too worried I would screw it up…lol.

I love to share our family meals with others….So I hope this blog helps you get in the kitchen and start cooking homemade meals for your family.

I would love to hear from you – email me at anotherbiteplease@gmail.com

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Lynette October 11, 2014 at 11:17 am

I do believe you need to update your profile. You are now the mommy of 3 little boys! :) And I know I’m not your husband, but I give you a 10 on the meals I’ve tried!


anotherbiteplease October 13, 2014 at 1:10 pm

You are right…I do need to update my profile :-) And thanks Lynette I am so happy you’ve enjoyed the meals.


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